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Project Monsoon

'Seoul, South Korea, is a vibrant and colourful city. But, during the annual 3 week monsoon season, Seoul's energy and colour disappear under the dark cloud and people staying indoors. With the help from Pantone we wanted to change that.'

A wonderful idea to brighten up the gloomy streets of Seoul during rainy season using hydrochromatic paint. Inspired by the South Korean culture, the team wanted to highlight the importance of water and it's impact on Korea's people and landscape, resulting in beautiful illustrations that bring the flow of water to life. The project has already been awarded D&AD pencils. Well deserved! Now when is London going to benefit from our wet weather...?

GoodFromYou James LeeYooshin Kim, Nuri Kim & Seunghoon Shin


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Mulberry Miracle

Mulberry Miracle